Step of the Cat Dance School

A pas de chat (step of the cat) is a ballet step which involves leaping from one leg to the other while both knees are lifted high in the air.

The philosophy of Step of the Cat Dance School is to foster a love of dance while emphasizing correct placement, mastery of the basics, and musical expression.


At Step of the Cat, we strive to teach the art of dance through a process oriented approach that focuses on the whole student. Students are taught anatomically correct positions that promote proper placement for their unique bodies. The well-being and longevity of the dancer is kept in mind throughout the dancer’s training. Our whole body approach focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, precision and musical expression.

We utilize a developmental approach to dance training within a focused, caring environment. The youngest students learn dance through motor skill development, moving their bodies through space with imagination, and exploring the relationship of music to dance. As students mature and move into ballet classes, they are encouraged to strive for excellence in their dance technique through personal corrections and positive feedback. Adult classes are focused on the joy of the mind-body connection and fitness benefits of dance, with care given to injury prevention.

Small class sizes enable personalized instruction and attention to detail. As part of the artistic aspect of dance training, students are encouraged to periodically perform. Rather than hosting large elaborate stage shows, our dancers perform exercises and short choreography during class demonstrations at least twice a year. Performances are brief, informal and fun, and currently take place within the studio during regular class time. No specialized costume or performance fees necessary!



Step of the Cat is temporarily closed while we seek a new location

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