Connie Zaug,  Director and Dance Instructor
 “As a teacher, I strive to emote my love of dance to my students. It is my goal to be fully present as an instructor and encourage each dancer to reach their personal best.”


Connie has 25 years teaching experience teaching dance, gymnastics and fitness, and has taught students of all ages, ranging from three to eighty! Connie began her formal training in dance and gymnastics at the age of seven. She was a competitive gymnast from the ages of eleven to seventeen, while also studying ballet and mime. Connie’s comprehensive study of dance began in college, where she developed a keen interest in the anatomy and kinesiology of movement.  She was fortunate to have studied ballet under director Hannah C. Wiley, renowned teacher and researcher on the anatomical/biomechanical efficiency of ballet.  During and beyond her university training, Connie studied with the prominent modern dancers Peggy Hackney and Bill Evans, who emphasize the use of Laban Movement Analysis and techniques that promote a dancer’s longevity.  Her master’s degree in counseling assists her understanding of the mind-body connection in movement and dance.

Over the past 20 years, she has taught and performed ballet, jazz, modern dance and mime, and has created original choreography for gymnasts, dancers and amateur theatre. She holds a current AFAA certification as a Primary Group Exercise instructor, and has taught fitness and dance classes at LifeStyleRx in Livermore. Connie holds a BA in dance from the University of Washington, and a MA in counseling from the University of New Mexico.