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 Dance Studio Opens in Livermore

 Livermore, CA –  June 2011

Step of the Cat Dance School opened its doors in September 2010 with a group of ballet students. The name Step of the Cat comes from the English translation of the ballet step pas de chat. The school was formed to provide classes to students and families who are focused on the artistic and technical aspects of dance.

Connie Zaug, who holds a B.A. in dance from the University of Washington, is the owner/director. The dance school is offering several new classes, including dance seminars, this summer. They are excited to announce that registration is now open to the general public.

 Step of the Cat Dance School emphasizes the importance of strong fundamental technique and progressive skill development. The director has a keen interest in the relationship of anatomy and kinesiology with respect to dance, and focuses on proper anatomical placement for each individual dancer.

“A couple of things are imperative to me as a dance teacher,” said Connie Zaug, “first, I believe dance is an art that comes from a heartfelt connection between mind and body; and second, I am aware that dance (or any sport) can create potential strain on the body, and my goal is to reduce that strain through the development of proper technique.”

In addition to ballet, Step of the Cat Dance School also offers creative movement classes. These classes, for 3-5 year old students, provide a rich environment of movement, rhythm, music, creativity, and imagination. The class content is appropriate for both girls and boys.

The school will offer adult classes this fall, including a mind-body dance class called “Dance Flow”, which combines aspects of yoga, Pilates, and Laban Movement Analysis. This class helps the student connect all limbs to the core with musicality, and explores how the body moves in space using fun and enlivening techniques.

Step of the Cat Dance School is currently sharing space within Cosmic Dog Yoga, 1923 Second St. Livermore, CA. “It is wonderful to be renting from Karen and Theresa at Cosmic Dog Yoga,” said Connie, “they have a beautiful space, and it is a pleasure working with them.” For more information, go to